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You've tried everything. You're tired of feeling like a failure because you know what to do, but you just can't seem to implement it. You don't want to follow some rigid food plan or stop eating all the food you love. You want to make sustainable changes because your sick of the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the latest fad diets. Breathe out that sigh of a relief because you came to the right place. 

Work with a Coach who gets it.

Health coaching for aba practitioners

Small Changes offers BCBA supervision to a limited number of supervisees per year. Sarah is one of the authors of, "Bridging the Gap" the only BCBA curriculum that coveres the entire BACB task list to health, sport, and fitness. 
Opting for supervision under Small Changes, especially with Sarah’s involvement, offers BCBAs an unparalleled opportunity to integrate behavior analysis with these vital areas. This specialized knowledge not only broadens your professional scope but also enhances your ability to make impactful changes in diverse settings.

An entire ABA curriculum tailored to health, sport, and fitness

1-1 Health Coaching for ABA Practitioners

This is where your transformation happens.

Small Changes Coaching

BCBA Supervision


Ready to work in a non-traditional setting?

After investing countless hours and a significant financial commitment to mastering the application of our incredible science in the field of health and wellness coaching, I've developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. For BCBAs eager to delve into health coaching, joining our mentorship program at Small Changes is a wise and strategic decision. Tailored specifically for BCBAs, our program focuses on the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) within the spheres of health, wellness, and fitness. Under our mentorship, you will acquire a deep and practical understanding of how to effectively incorporate ABA methods into health coaching, equipping you with the skills to make a meaningful difference in this dynamic area.

my signature programs

Health Coaching - Elevated with behavior analytic principles! This program was designed for BCBAs and RBTs because I just get you. My comprehensive approach integrates ABA principles to reshape your perceptions of your body while helping you steer away from societal pressures so you can focus on YOU. It equips you with practical, evidence-based techniques for long-term health and well-being. As a result, you'll experience not just an improved relationship with your body, but overall life satisfaction (yes, we can measure that). "Elevate" empowers you to be your absolute  best in every aspect of life.
No more mass produced meal plans. nore more restricting your favorite foods, no spending hours doing exericse you hate. To be frank, no bullsh*t. 

1-1 Health Coaching


 Prior to coaching, I felt trapped in my own skin but I didn’t know how to get out.

I had tried other coaches, apps, and trendy diets but every time I felt more and more defeated. Sarah was my last hope and she did not disappoint. She was kind, compassionate, and a positive presence from the moment we had our initial phone call.

Over the course of 12 weeks Sarah helped me completely transform the way I look at food, exercise, and myself.

I no longer fear food, I enjoy the experience of eating again, and I have learned the importance of giving myself grace. Investing in Sarah was the best thing I have ever done for myself and I can not recommend her coaching enough.*

Working with Sarah has been truly life-changing.

I hated food, I hated eating, I hated my body and I lived in obsessive misery thinking I could never change. I was tired of all the hating. I found Sarah serendipitously via Facebook, having just started reading Intuitive Eating, and knew her behavior-analytic approach would be the way to start what I hoped would be a journey to happiness.

Throughout the coaching process, Sarah inspired me to open my thinking about myself, shifting thoughts of "identity" to thoughts of "values" and really spending time understanding what is truly important to me. We moved through many exercises that enabled me to reflect in ways I never had, sometimes inspiring tears and anxiety, but always leading a more enlightened outlook. By the last half of our sessions, we were deep into strategies and working through specific situations and challenges around food and exercise, all while confronting my Type A tendencies and the inherent conflict between a schedule and intuition. In today's final session, I felt like all the angsty baggage I once schlepped around with me has floated down the stream and I am waving goodbye with a smug smile of satisfaction.

Sarah has instilled in me the confidence to move through life in this satisfied condition (a word with a lot of meaning in this work!) and she ensures me I have the tools to keep going without her. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Sarah is the most amazing, insightful, patient and kind human and I treasure this experience with all my heart.

When I started my coaching relationship with Sarah 3 months ago, I was a different person. 

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