Employee Wellness Program

“The most successful organizations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain an emotional, financial, and competitivate advatage.”

Why Start an Employee Wellness Program with Small Changes?

Small Changes Corporate Wellness Program creates a culture of wellness.

Investing in this program saves your employee’s medical budgets and improves the quality of your employee’s lives. It also shows you care about your employees health and wellness, which sets your company apart and establishes positive relationships in the workplace.

Small Changes has helped hundreds of individuals lower their risk of developing high dollar diseases and reach “at risk” employees before they become a “claim” to your health plan.

When an individual becomes engaged with their workplace, they can contribute more effectively to the team and the organization.

This engagement also helps to increase retention rates and productivity, benefiting their careers as well as their overall organization.\Through the Wellness Coaching Program, Small Changes is able to provide true population management solutions that engage a broad number of employees, motivate employees to make long-term, sustainable behavioral changes, and contributes to a stronger employer-employee partnership.

When your employees are taken care of with initiatives like Wellness Coaching, they are more satisfied and active. They can better handle stress and work pressure which produces greater quality work.

In addition, our Corporate Wellness Program helps cultivate mutual trust and improve employee morale in workplace through appreciation and communication.

Our program helps significantly decrease employee burnout by helping employees discover strategies that work for them. This is crucial, as employee burnout can lead to frequent job turnover and employee dissatisfaction, impacting the very core of your business, i.e., your bottom line’s performance.

With the help of Small Changes Cooperate Wellness Coaching, you can enhance your employees’ self-awareness and educate them to be better versions of themselves every day.

This program helps to unlock your employees wellness goals and foster healthy office habits that maintain over time.

About Our Program

Small Changes Corporate Wellness program is a comprehensive solution to empower employees to reach their health and wellness goals through individualized, one-on-one coaching.

Our program is personalized to dig deep into each employees “why,” so they can make the most impactful and long-term changes.

Our coaches meet your employees where they are and expertly offer guidance when and where it’s needed the most. They build trusted relationships and support employees in taking ownership in reaching their health and wellness goals.

With our extensive well-being experience and evidence-based content, we transform coaching into a relevant and flexible resource for all employees.

Wellness Coaching benefits your entire team, regardless of health status, risk factors or medical carrier. It helps to keep the healthy population healthy and supports individuals who are at high risk or have a chronic illness.

When employees feel their best, they will perform better, achieve more work goals, and be a better team player.